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Welcome to KBO GmbH
Your specialist for moulds and foundry materials

Our Competence - Your Advantage

Expertise in the use of our entire product range, in particular very fine moulding sands, core glues and mould sealers, enables us to offer our customers full and specialised advice.

Our products are solely based on our customers' needs, and we only recommend and sell specified, renowned and highly tested products. Not only is the price decisive, but how well a product meets your requirements.

In combination with our selected, high-quality raw materials, your production yield will inevitably increase at decreased cost.

KBO GmbH was founded in 1852 and is one of the largest suppliers of oil and water bonded OBB Sands (ready-for-use fine moulding sand) as well as a market leader for mould sealer strips Dikaflex and sealing rings for converter pans and core glue Pulit.

Our product range also includes fire-retardant adhesives, Konfix water-based coatings, Konsil alcohol-based coatings and Kontool gravity die coatings, well fillers for steel works, SIC chills for solidification control in cast iron, investment powders for precision casting, RTV-2 silicones for modelling and mould making, plasters for pattern making shops, vents for cores and mould ventilation and much more.

Our customers mainly include foundries, steelworks and the pattern making industry (in particular the area of rapid prototyping) from Europe and further afield.

Headquaters KBO GmbH in Bottrop-Kirchhellen

Only the best for our customers

  • Selected, high-quality raw materials
  • Experience sind 1852 guarantees comprehensive and optimal advice.
  • Largest suppliers of water and oil bonded OBB Sands
  • Market leader for Dikaflex mould sealers and sealing rings for converter pans


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Quality from Conviction - Your Safety

Trust in first-class service and product quality. For us and for what we do, quality is an essential prerequisite for our processes and our entire product range. Orderly production sequences and traceability are the foundations of our competent production. Quality cannot be forced into a product but is generated throughout the manufacturing process.

The focus of our thinking and production are the wishes of our customers for quality, product safety and service.

Not only do we have the highest quality standards when manufacturing our products.

Honesty and friendliness, commitment and fairness as well as understanding belong to our principles at KBO GmbH as a matter of course. Our satisfied customers in foundries, in pattern making shops and in steelworks are our biggest asset.

Our good customer relationships are based on or reliability competence and the quality of the delivered products.

We strive our sustainable company success, securing this by aligning entrepreneurial behaviour with binding standards and values is one of our challenges for the future of our company.