About us

KBO Kleine-Brockhoff und Ölschläger GmbH is a medium-sized company located on the northern edge of the Ruhr area, in Bottrop-Kirchhellen. Our product range includes materials for foundries, steel works and pattern making shops. 

Over the years, we have steadily expanded our product range and adapted to the needs of the market: natural moulding sand, for example, only plays a subordinate role today - like almost all other products that we have had to adapt to technical progress over the years. Today's production programme includes a large number of special foundry auxiliaries, such as OBB Sand, fine grained oil-bonded, emulsion-bonded or water-bonded, mould sealers, core adhesives, alcohol and water based coatings, converter sealing rings, release agents and so on.

In recent years, we have expanded our product range for steelworks, special well fillers and slag stoppers for converters (custom made). For the field of pattern making, especially in the area of rapid prototyping (gypsum, investment powders, silicones etc.) so that our company can now supply a wide range of products, and is therefore firmly established in the market.

To ensure independence, a broad clientele has always been respected - both in Germany and abroad. KBO products' export and share is therefore well above 50 percent, not least because of the active support of our foreign representatives in almost every European country.