Sealing cords
of the brand Dikaflex

Dikaflex is a plastic, asbestos-free sealing compound for use in foundries and steel works. Dikaflex sealant is characterized by its plasticity and elasticity. It is an ideal basis for the production of seals for applications where plasticity and fire resistance are required.

In the course of the further development and simplification of the processes in the foundries and steelworks, we provide our customers with ready-to-use sealing cords for moulds, treatment ladles and continuous casting machines or sealing rings for converter ladles. The good plasticity of the sealing cords ensures that unevenness is completely sealed when using suitable dimensions. The "passing through" of moulding boxes is effectively prevented, pan lids are securely sealed. After use, seal removal remains very easy because they do no stick.   

The use of Dikaflex sealers is very simple and makes it much easier for the former, smelter and founder.