Sealing compound ADM
Plastic sealing compound

Sealing compound ADM is an inorganic-based plastic sealant. It consists predominantly of aluminium silicates with an addition of graphite and a special binder.


Sealing of moulds, both cold resin and green sand moulds.

Product data

Colourdark grey
Densityapprox. 1.5 cm3


The use of sealing compound ADM facilitates the regeneration of moulding sand. The sealing compound does not form strongly cured adhesive beads, nor does it harden as strongly as core adhesives (cold adhesives). When used very frequently, core adhesive often causes difficulties in the regeneration of the sand. In order to avoid this, the addition of sealing compound ADM is recommended.


After use, immediately close the tubes and containers. Store in a frost-free environment. Can be stored in closed containers for at least 6 months.



Tubes of 1.0 kg (in 40 kg sealed tin containers)

25 kg buckets