Sealing rings ADR
Sealing rings for converter pans

ADR sealing rings consist of a plastic, asbestos-free material based on Al-silicates, carbon and an oil-water emulsion.

Sealing rings
Sealing rings for converter pans


The sealing rings are used for the safe sealing of the reaction chamber of converter pans. The diameter of the inner ring is variable and in each case adapted to the diameter of the opening of the reaction chamber.

Product data

TypeADR 14ADR 17
Outside dimensions [cm]27x2727x27
Thickness [mm]77
Inside diameter [cm] 1417


Boxes of 26 sealing rings, 24 cartons on pallet (624 rings in total)


At least 6 months in sealded cartons. Close cartons after use to avoid hardening or drying of the sealing rings.