Core patching paste
on water or alcohol basis

Our core patching pastes are ideal repair and smearing compounds for repairing defects on cores or moulds, thereby avoiding time-intensive and expensive grinding work in the cleaning workshop. Mistakes caused by damage to cores and moulds can be easily remedied with our patching paste. It is an ideal possibility of immediate avoiding the reworking until core boxes or moulds can be repaired in the cleaning workshop.

Two varieties are available for this purpose: on the one hand, the core patching paste A 70 on an alcohol base, and on the other hand the core patching paste W 70 on a water basis.


Core patching paste is a mixture of magnesium and aluminium silicate and special thermoelastic binders. 


  • Dries quickly
  • High strength
  • Does not form drying cracks
  • Water or isopropyl alcohol can be used as the carrier medium

Product data

Colourlight grey
Solids content[%]about 70
Viscosity[Pa.s]solid paste


The core patching masses are used in a very solid form and applied over the flaws with a finger or spatula.

The core patching paste should be processed as delivered. If necessary, the core patching paste A 70 can be mixed with some isopropyl alcohol or ethanol, the core patching paste W 70 with some water.


1 kg container

5 kg and 10 kg steel cans


After use, immediately reseal the containers. Stir well after prolonged storage. The core patching paste A 70 and W 70 can be stored for approx. 12 months.