Water-based coatings

Mould and core coatings based on water as a solvent are designed for a wide range of applicatins and can be dipped, flooded, brushed or sprayed.

The combination of high-quality suspensions and binders with selected fire-resistant basic materials gives our Konfix water-based coatings outstanding properties.

They can be used on almost all sand moulds and cores and are usually dried in the stove.

Your advantages

• Reduction of volatile organic compounds (VOC)

• Improvement of the working environment (no exposure to solvent fumes in the workplace)

• Avoidance of the storage of combustible products and auxiliaries

• No additional fire protection required

• Reduction of costs for adherence to ATEX or similar requirements for tools

• Cost reductions by using water instead of expensive solvents

• Optimised processing properties

Improved casting surfaces

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