Alcohol-based coatings

Mould and core coatings based on alcohol as a solvent are designed for a wide range of applications. The coatings can be dipped, flooded, brushed or sprayed.

Combinations of high-quality suspensions and binders with selected fire-resistant basic materials ensure superior properties of our Konsil alcohol coatings.

For many foundries, the use of coatings based on alcohol (isopropanol or ethanol) has no alternative. Alcohols as solvents can easily be burned off and the cores or moulds can so be dried quickly. In the areas of customer casting, small batch and individual production, Konsil alcohol coatings offer special advantages due to this simple drying.

Your advantages

• Use for variable geometries of moulds and cores

• Short drying times

• Low energy consumption

• No drying stove required

• No special purchase costs for large plants

• Optimised processing properties

• Improved casting surfaces

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