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Fine moulding sand
oil and water bonded

OBB Sands are moulding sands for application in foundries and are ready for use. These sands are particularly good for processing and, after casting, leave excellent surfaces and details.

The scope of uses is extremely diverse, ranging from industrial castings to prototypes in individual production, as well as from artificial casts to the filigree casts used by goldsmiths. 

Meeting the needs of founders, many varieties of OBB Sand have been developed since the mid-sixties. Constantly increasing requirements of the customer to the surface quality of castings, for many types of material, are the driving forces in the constant improvement of these moulding sands. Our OBB Sands consist of specially selected fine quartz sand bound in a special process and are extremely easy to process. 

The aim of foundries and forgers has always been to make castings with the best possible surfaces as quickly and as easily as possible. Until the middle of the last century, a great amount of natural moulding sand was used in the foundries. A high quality natural moulding sand, e.g. the famous Bottroper Naturformsand (Bottrop Natural Moulding Sand), is characterized by a balanced ratio of fines, clay and a fine quartz grains.

Mould made of fine moulding sand
Mould made of fine moulding sand

However, making mould with natural moulding sand requires expertise and experience of its balance and consistency of water and clay. Natural moulding sand dries rapidly, changing its properties; therefore every foundryman must consider such changes in its work. However, since the introduction of synthetic moulding sands, this knowledge has become increasingly rare. Today, foundries require sands of finest grades which have constant properties and are easy to recycle.

Following the foundries' needs, we have developed many varieties of fine moulding sand, and continue to place these needs at the centre of our work.

The ever-growing demand by foundries for OBB sands underscores the high value of these moulds as they meet the highest demands on surface quality and dimensional accuracy.

In the course of development and simplification of processes in foundries, we provide our customers with ready-to-use moulding sands. The preparation and forming with these OBB Sands are very easy, making life a bit easier in the workshop.

OBB Sand from KBO is strictly quality-controlled to ensure faultless and constant properties. Our success is measured alone in the customers satisfaction. We provide the requirements and needs of our customers at the centre of our actions.

On the following pages you will find a selection of our OBB Sands.