Oil bonded fine moulding sand

OBB oil bonded moulding sand is delivered ready for processing and cannot dry out due to its special binding. The high tensile strength allows for casts accurate in contour and dimension.

Depending on the application, two standard grades, OBB Sand "E" and OBB Sand "S" are available. These standard varieties are subdivided into further sub-divisions, differing in their flowability according to customer requirements.


OBB Sand "E" is mainly used for heavy metal as well as for cast iron materials for castings with a thin to medium wall thickness.

In addition to the standard quality, we produce our sand with higher "EM" or lower "E-fat" flowability.

Fine moulding sand oil bonded

OBB Sand "S" is mainly used in the light-metal sector as well as in artificial castings for thin parts and can, if required, also be produced with higher "SM" or lower "S-fat" flow.

For futher information regarding the various qualities, as well as any technical data, please refer to the respective product data sheet or simply call us.