Water bonded fine moulding sand

OBB Sand "A 25" is pure water bonded, environmentally friendly, moulding sand distinguished by its much finer grain structure. Due to its special bonding, it is very easy to process and achieves high green strength, which in turn is a prerequisite for contour accuracy and precise castings of the highest surface quality.

OBB-Sand "A 25" is mainly used in industrial and art castings (all types of  cast metals) with polished and machined surfaces. In many applications, it replaces the dry-casting and ceramic process. Especially for cast steel, we have developed quality "A 25 L".


Casting at Art foundry Plein GmbH, Speicher

Our OBB Sand "EW 30" is also a water bonded sand with a low oil content which results in low emissions during casting. It is used in iron as well as non-cast iron, mainly for visible sections formed by hand and machine industry castings, mainly for parts with medium thickness walls.

For further information regarding the different types as well as technical data, please refer to the product data sheet or simply call us.