OBB Sand

Increasing environmental awareness and, last but not least, cost reasons (such as disposal) have led to an ever-increasing regeneration of supplies in recent years. Of course, all our OBB Sands can be regenerated and not only recently past, but since their introduction on the market in the 1960s. A prerequisite for this is that the OBB Sand is used as a unit sand (i.e. circulating sand) and is not mixed with normal moulding sand or core sand.

Regeneration of oil bonded OBB Sand: 

The regeneration of the oil bonded sands is dependent on how much the sand burnt out. First, a simple loosening and homogenisation of the sand is sufficient after pouring. This is best done with a sand blaster. Depending on the size and wall thickness of the casting, the sand loses plasticity and / or compressive strength after repeated use. Then the regeneration in a pan mill or intensive mixer is necessary.

Regeneration of emulsion and water bonded OBB Sands:

The following explanations also apply analogously for the regeneration of emulsion and water bonded sands. Here, both the plasticity and the compressive strength can be adjusted by adding special emulsions. Please refer to the relevant product data sheet.

Pan mills or intensive mixers are the best choice for the reclamation of OBB Sands.

Intensive mixer