Core adhesive

Pulit core adhesives are universal and self-curing, inorganic adhesive pastes.

Core adhesive Pulit, loose in a cylindrical container


Pulit core adhesives are self-curing cold adhesives for bonding core and moulded parts and for sealing moulds. Pulit core adhesives are particularly suitable for bonding core segments, core packages and for repairing broken moulds and core parts, which have been produced in the waterglass CO2 or cold resin process.

Product data

Pulit P (standard)redish brown56 - 61 Pa·s
approx. 1.8 g/cm3

Pulit Fredish brown46 - 49 Pa·s
Pulit Ibeige48 - 51 Pa·s
Pulit Gbeige40 - 45 Pa·s


Pulit core adhesives are particularly low in gas after curing compared to organic adhesives. Curing is preferably carried out at room temperature and is accelerated by drying.

Special features

Not completely cured adhesives can lead to gas formation when in contact with liquid metal. This must be observed when applying the adhesive.


Apply the core glue thinly and stick together immediately to avoid skin formation. Depending on the size of the moulds or cores, the adhesives are largely resistant to transport and casting after approximately 30 minutes. Complete curing of the glue spots after approx. 12-24 hours.


Store at normal room temperature 5-25°C. Immediately close the tubes and containers after use. Store the material in frost-free environment. In tubes, Pulit core adhesive is stable for approx. 6 months and in sealed containers for about 12 months.


Delivery container and packaging

Tubes of 1.0 kg and 1.5 kg (in 40 kg pails), buckets of 15 kg and 25 kg, and cylindrical containers of 40 kg.