Parting agent for pattern making

Trevax are parting agents in spray cans for mould an model making as well as for plastic processing. Two varieties are available to avoid unwanted adhesion of a wide range of materials. Trevax SH as a silicone-containing release agent as well as our silicone-free agent Trevax SF.

Trevax SF is used in preventing unwanted adhesion of polyester and epoxy resin, PMMA and polyurethane. 

Adhesion, adhesives, plastics and rubber as well as welding beads during welding are prevented by Trevax SH. It can also serve as a lubricant for the treatment of saws, cutters and workstations.


  • Excellent separation (SF)
  • Excellent separation and lubrication (SH)
  • Wide application
  • Easy to process
For further information please refer to the respective product data sheets