Plaster for modelling

Durgipen is a semihydrate plaster (CaSO4 • ½ H2O) for the production of models in pattern an toolmaking. it is distinguished by its low setting expansion and is available in various degrees of hardness. The hard forming plaster is used in a wide range of areas where, among other things, high precision of the contour is important.

For example: the use as hard-modelling plaster in the ceramics industry, the production of model plates for cast ornaments, as well as model plates for parts in the automotive industry, but also for the productin of reliefs, figures and models.


• beneficial processing consistency

• excellent detail reproduction

• high dimensional accuracy

• avoidance of cracking

• good surface hardness

• high number of moulds application


• modelling plaster for foundries

• modelling plaster for the ceramics industry

• modelling plaster for art, for reliefs or figures

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